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By C. Dixon, Editor-in-Chief @SafeThisHome

CyberBlade Monthly | July 2021



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The CyberBlade
CyberBlade Monthly | July 2021
“A trendy newsletter with valuable insights on the cybersecurity and user privacy crisis we are currently facing.”

Good Morning Friend!
The year is already half over, and I, for one, cannot keep track of time with everything that is going on.
We sincerely hope this July will be safe and prosperous for you all. Best wishes and happy reading!
Brave Software deployed a new major search engine this past month. Built to protect privacy while preserving modern browser intelligence, Brave Search brings an end to almost twelve consecutive years where no new search engines were released.
Brave Search: The NEW SEARCH ENGINE!
Brave Search: The NEW SEARCH ENGINE!
According to several reliable sources, an unidentified threat actor exploited weaknesses in the LinkedIn API and a data scraper (?) to successfully pull at least some PII from 92% of its user accounts. It’s the second attack on LinkedIn this year and the worst on record.
New LinkedIn Data Leak Leaves 700 Million Users Exposed | RestorePrivacy
We show our commitment to Internet/user privacy through our membership in the Internet Defense League (IDL) and recurring donations to Fight for the Future. Visit the site for inspiration and resources to help everyone do their part to protect the free Internet.
Donate to Fight for the Future
We conclude with this opinionated but objective piece on how easily governments and other state actors can influence the availability of services like social media that we often take for granted. Let this be a reminder that no one is “free” or “protected” regardless of their citizenship or perceived loyalties.
Russia Raises Heat on Twitter, Google, and Facebook in Online Crackdown - The New York Times
IN MEMORIUM: John McAfee— (1945-2020)
A fond reminder of (somewhat) simpler times.
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As always,
Stay Safe Out There!
The skylines of Miami (left) and New York City (right) at sunset
The skylines of Miami (left) and New York City (right) at sunset
Here at STH, we believe everyone deserves the right to live freely and pursue their dreams without fear of what the future might bring.
Unfortunately, consumers and small business owners alike have been forced to implement cybersecurity and data privacy measures to protect this right.
While we can’t make the bad guys disappear, our crack team of cybersecurity specialists is standing by on your behalf. From a curated selection of battle-tested software solutions to in-depth tutorials on Wi-Fi setup, like our motto says,
“Our Business Is You!“
Safe This Home | Cyber Security & Encryption | Residential and Commercial
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C. Dixon, Editor-in-Chief @SafeThisHome

"A relevant newsletter with valuable insights on the cybersecurity and user privacy crisis we are currently facing."

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